Finding the right contractor for your next project can be a daunting task. Here, we will give you some key considerations before selecting your next contractor.


We all love the work we do, or do we? It is important to understand exactly the size and diversity of your contractors portfolio for a number of reasons. Is the type of job you are requiring to be undertaken something they have completed successfully before? Do they have credible clients that they work with and continue to work with? It is key to visit different jobs that have been undertaken by the potential contractor and carry out your own individual quality checks. Ask to speak to one of their clients and get feedback on the service.


It is important that the contractor you are asking to undertake your contract or project is capable of fulfilling it. If the size of the contract is too big for them, this will put pressure on cash flow and their ability to buy materials and plant hire. Contractors also run the risk of not being able to pay staff which can ground projects to a halt before completion. 


What sort of resources do they have. If your contractor has no machinery, vans or tools, it is a sign that they do not have regular work or consistent cash flow. In addition, how many staff do they have on their books. You dont want your contractor to outsource all elements of what they do. This will impact the quality of the work and increases the risk for you.


Any contractor who can start tomorrow should be approached with caution. Most successful contractors are booked out months in advance. Some however are able to move their calendars and schedules around should that be a requirement.

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