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The UK is famous for its constantly changing and unpredictable weather. Here are some tips on how to maintain, help & protect your garden whatever the weather! Sun We all love the sun, how could you not? And we all know that plants need sun to grow and stay healthy. However, there is a downside

Step 1: Clean Up Ensure you start with clearing all your garden of debris such as broken branches, leaves, spent flowers etc. This will help keep the new plants – which will soon begin to grow – damage free! At this point you should also check for pests and other problems that may influence growth

The garden space is an important criterion for a house buyer, with most buyers looking for a well-maintained outdoor area to accompany their new property.  This is why it’s very important to ensure that your garden space is well landscaped and designed with multi purposes. Somewhere that best utilises all the space you have available

Australia The Australian Garden This beautiful landscape is a celebration of all things natural and a place where all the beauty of the country’s ecosystems can be appreciated and explored. It lies within the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.The Australian Garden is home to two of the most tasteful and unique landscapes in the country;

We’ve worked on a variety of different projects all over the central belt, both commercial & residential & all of which perfectly highlight the professionalism and expertise we put into everything we take on.  Foxglove Project Here we carried out work on a child’s play park area, which consisted of remedial works and the introduction

What can M Squared do for your business? Our commercial services are a huge division of our business and all of our staff who work under this division are highly trained and professional in what they do. Our services include: Hard and Soft Landscaping Packages: As an industry leader in this area, we provide professionally

Are garden and home improvements something you enjoy? Do you like a project to be your own and get involved with enthusiasm? That’s all very fine & well with smaller projects but larger home improvements can take substantial amounts of time to plan, build and finish and usually need lots of attention. With a residential

We worked on this project for around 5 weeks. We worked with PM&S and developed a planting scheme as well as undertaking the hard & soft landscaping package. This was very exciting as this new development is certainly breathtaking when you see it.