The Australian Garden

This beautiful landscape is a celebration of all things natural and a place where all the beauty of the country’s ecosystems can be appreciated and explored. It lies within the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.The Australian Garden is home to two of the most tasteful and unique landscapes in the country; The Lilypad Bridge and the Ephemeral Lake, as well as boasting huge amounts of natural plantlife throughout most of the gardens.


The Floating Gardens

 Located in Taizhou City in Eastern China, the Floating Gardens is essentially a river that was divided and structured by authorities for the reason of flood prevention. A a result, the natural plantlife which surrounded it was removed and disturbed, much to the surrounding communities disappointment. After some time, a landscaping company decided to contact authorities and have the natural state of the river and it’s surrounding areas restored and maintained. The river is now used frequently for recreation and relaxation by many local citizens and remains a landscape design enjoyed by many. While the Floating Gardens was enhanced as a feature through landscape and design, it still boasts the best of it’s own natural features and beauty.

England (Southbank)

Private Rooftop Garden

 A private rooftop garden in Southbank, England is the perfect example of contemporary design and landscape work on a smaller space. Using a landscape and design company, this small rooftop space has been transformed into the ultimate entertainment and living space while still highlighting some of the city’s best natural features.


Charles Jenck’s Garden of Cosmic Speculation

 Located in Dumfries, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation is a 30 acre ‘fantasy world’ created with inspiration from physics and mathematics and filled with sculptures, gardens and walkways. The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is moving away from the typical design of a ‘garden’ and each feature is linked in some way to an element of our universe.

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