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Artificial Grass Installation Edinburgh


Artificial Grass Services in Edinburgh

With the improved techniques for manufacturing and installing artificial grass and with the increase in the awareness of the long-term environmental and economic benefits, the artificial grass market has been widening every day. At first, artificial grass was limited to large sports clubs, but today it is easy to find almost anywhere. M Squared Edinburgh, with their partnership with ‘Wonderlawn’ is one of the specialist suppliers and installers of artificial grass within Scotland.


With installation teams all over Scotland, M Squared is positioned to serve the whole area with professionalism and efficiency. Whether you live in Glasgow, Edinburgh or the surrounding areas we are ready to serve you. Our company features experienced professionals who have completed more than 100 successful jobs.


We offer different services that include:


  1. i. Maintenance: we don’t just do a one off job for your garden. We also offer Edinburgh based Landscaping services to make sure that everything stays exactly the way you like it.
  2. ii. Design and installation: at M Squared we have skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to the job of assisting clients with design to ultimately install the best lawn as quickly and efficiently as possible to the very highest of standards.
  3. iii. Supply: with our unique partnership with ‘Wonderlawn’ we have exclusive access to some of the best artificial grass on the market.


Artificial grass is gaining popularity throughout Scotland for many reasons including adverse weather conditions and the need for excessive maintenance on regular grass. Artificial grass does not require weeding or mowing and will never be muddy. Furthermore, artificial grasses are pet-friendly and are very easy to maintain throughout the year.



Our unique partnership with ‘Wonderlawn’ provides us with access to all types of artificial grasses and various other synthetic turf products. If you are considering artificial grass, then give us a call to consult with one of our experts who will discuss your requirements and help you decide upon the best product to suit your needs. You can work with the experts from the start of your project to come with the best design that will completely transform your lawn.


Landscaping & Design

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